Pamela A. Keene Journalist

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"Grammar guru." "Word nerd." "My go-to person when stumped by editing, punctuation or style questions."

As a former newspaper editor, Pamela A. Keene does not easily escape the name-calling of the newsroom. As the go-to person about AP Style during her time at The Macon Telegraph and News, she continues to stay updated on the revisions and additions published by the AP Stylebook.

"Pam has an uncanny knack of connecting with subjects to get beyond the routine, finding the kernel that brings a story to life. Sources find themselves at ease sharing personal details germane to the story or as background."

"We count on Pam to consistently deliver clean copy with little need for proofing, editing or follow-up. She easily grasps the concept of assignments  and comes through with compelling, readable articles that are informative and engaging."

"Short-lead assignments? Pam gets the job done on time. She's tenacious at tracking down sources and will work beyond the standard 8 to 5 to meet short deadlines with the same editorial quality as we've come to expect from her."

"Pam's attention to the finer points of the English language -- ask her to tell you the difference between' persuade' and 'convince' or when to hyphenate anal retentive -- and she may launch into a chat about diagramming sentences or the importance of the precision of communications."

"Conscientious, easy to work with, willing to deliver beyond the assignment: Pam's professionalism helps make us look good in the eyes of our clients."